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Polar Impressions Photography

Artistic Nude and Fetish Photography:
I shoot Portraiture, Expressive and Emotive Portraiture. For that I use light, location, imagination, equipment, props, collaboration and skin. What I really do is the “Art of Expression” well my version of it. Every emotion that can be conveyed with a smile can be counted on only one hand. As an artist it’s capturing the hundreds of emotions outside of that range that drives me

The Art of Expression:
The angel, the devil, the sexy whore, the softness, the intensity, the sensual, the naïve, the hopeful, the manipulator, the passion, the depravity, the innocence, the rage, the desperate and confused, the chained, the free, the deadly inner demon, the pure, the glamour princess, the pheromone dynamo, the up, the down, the sinful, the redeemed and the tragically lost

Expressive Portraiture Photpography:
I am primarily a Photographic Artist, while I am available for paid work I am also notoriously picky about what I will and won’t do and I generally decline more work than I take. Anyone considering approaching me for paid photographic services will need to realize that while I will deliver what you want it will be done in keeping with my style and my body of work. But when you add that to what your looking for we can make something great, genuine and individual

Model Portfolio Services:
For girls wishing to begin a career in Modeling be it Internet Modeling or creation of a Portfolio for Editorial Modeling I can craft a Portfolio for you that will not simply be unique but will be original and have a very real diversity to it. The process and development of the Portfolio will also give the beginner model a foundation for developing their skills and a “real” intro to the realities of photographic modeling

Glamour Portraits and Budoir Photography:
A very cool sexy gift for your partner or simply something to capture the way you feel about you. Glamour Portraits can be collaboratively personalized to suit your desires and tastes. The creativity and experience I have had in photographing and digitally editing models in a very flattering way makes me the ideal person for Glamour and Budoir Portraits. For girls wanting a personal set of images, I am not a “cookie cutter” soft focus corner store, I will give you something you wont get with them, its called the best essence of you

The Artistic Truth:
The truth put quite simply is that I love photography, the process, the shoot, the creativity, breaking the rules that keep other people boring and pushing the mathematics way way out of shape. It is the spirit of that and the love of the artform that I bring to the Commercial, the Portraiture and the Portfolio

The Professional Approach:
Photographic shoots are something that should be energetic, comfortable and collaborative. I am always keen to work with everyone from seasoned professionals to new and beginner models just starting out who may need a helping hand with a variety of aspects of the industry or just want to update and expand their portfolio. I approach every shoot with absolute professionalism, organized, focused, prepared and creative

Your photo shoot is personalized for you. Adding my creativity, concepts and photographic style to your ideas and goals we develop a unique artistic project that will be a genuine original, that you will love

Beginner Models:
Maybe you want to try modeling and not sure how you feel about it or don’t know where to start. A Portfolio Test Shoot could be the perfect try out for you. An initial shoot will give you the first hand experience of what Photographic Modeling is like in an atmosphere without expectation or pressure. We can help you develop a skill set for expression, pose and following direction and give you a very real taste of what the work and the art is so that you can make informed decisions about what you want and what may be available to you

I have an extensive treasure trove of very cool locations in Sydney. And like they say, “location location location.” So be it beaches, flower filled fields, abandoned buildings, cliffs, parks, industrial areas, your place or a studio I pride myself on being able to come up with somewhere to shoot that’s 100% cool, and not the painfully recognizable over used locations that already feature in so many portfolios, catalogue images and gallery walls

The Shoot:
Wardrobe options, locations, shoot style components and concepts will be discussed in detail prior to shooting and mutually agreed upon. Shoots will generally run for between 3 and 4 hours once on location. This will of course will vary based on the concept, style and details etc. It is always best that shoots are energetic and easy going, so generally half a day is optimal and everyone still has just a little energy left at the end. I am able to get results generally quicker than the majority of my colleagues so shooting with me wont make you feel like you need to sleep for a month

Digital Image Editing:
When the camera is back in the bag I always digitally process every image individually and on full view, not in batches and I do it with painstaking perfectionism regardless of what’s involved or how long it takes. My post shoot image editing will be flattering to you and provide “real images” without the over smoothed cartoon Barbie look blurring everything in sight

Equipment & Resources:
Two high end professional grade Nikon cameras with a variety of lenses.
Fully portable battery powered location lights and stands.
Fully portable indoor outlet powered lights.
Camera mounted portable lights and flash units.
Custom purpose built PC for image processing with dual 24 inch wide screen monitors true color and grayscale calibrated monitors.
Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 5

Rates are negotiated depending on travel and the details of what will be involved. My rates are not scary, you won’t need an exorcism just by asking me for a quote. I am not the least bit of a salesman so you won’t be getting a flood of emails for months with me trying to sell you something that you do not want

Brett Jackman
“The Art of Expression”
Polar Impressions Photography

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